Sunday 18 October 2009

Somalia 1993 - Food Aid

Another great game this Saturday, with the Somali militia forces attempting to steal trucks laden with food supplies from a compound guarded by the UN.

The Table

Closeup of the food compound, look how densly packed they are ;)

Somalia 1993
A detachment of UN forces from the 19th Pakistani Lancers are guarding a compound holding trucks from the UN’s food relief agency.

Somali Militia Briefing
Assault the UN compound and capture as many food lorries as possible, once captured they are to be removed via either short table edge.

UN Briefing

Defend the food relief point against local insurgents, in the event of attack, QRF units from the US Ranger task force can be called upon for assistance.


UN/US Forces 1600pts – shared (roughly 800pts each)
Somalia’s – 1600pts

US/UN Deployment
UN forces will deployed in a central compound area.
US forces are off table reserves, which deploy via mobile deployment from a
short table edge, the turn after the attack begins.

Somalia forces Deployment
Non vehicle forces may deploy within 30cm from the UN location so long as they are out of LOS.
Vehicle forces deploy via mobile deployment from any table edge.

Special Rules
Shooting to stop – units can attempt to shoot at any of the UN food trucks in an attempt to stop them, but will need a 6 to hit regardless of other factors and it takes 3 hits to stop them.
1 Stand of infantry is converted into enough drivers for all 6 trucks

Victory Conditions
1 pt for each truck prevented from leaving the table (US/UN)
2 pts for truck that escapes (Somalia’s)
No breakpoint

Game Length
8 Turns (we decided this after the game)

Turn 1 started with the Somali forces deployed surrounding the compound (with their snazzy new hidden markers). My plan here was to infiltrate as far as possible then spring from the buildings and make a dash for the trucks, in line with this I had scheduled an 82mm Mortar strike on the compound for the first turn in the hope of suppressing the majority of the forces. There was the danger here of destroying some of the trucks but hey what are the odds of rolling 4+ on all three of the dice.

The Mortar strike succeeds in suppressing 50% of the infantry but also destroys one of the food aid trucks, it could have been far worse! Unfortunately all the Somali commanders fail their command roles and remain in place, a trend that is becoming all too clear. In fact the only unit that manages to move is a Somali sniper, sneaking atop a building with clear LOS to the Pakistani CO.

Turn 2 Kicks off with Somali Sniper successfully suppressing the Pakistani CO, severely disadvantaging them. The remaining Somali Units decide that now is the time to attack and following a raft of excellent rolls move up to the buildings surrounding the compound and open fire. Barrage fire from numerous RPG Hunter killer Teams take out the Pakistani Patton’s. Opportunity fire in response accounts for some Somali casualties.

Turn 3 sees the appearance of the US quick reaction force who deploy in two groups behind the main group of Somali. Unfortunately for them one group attempting a flanking manoeuvre runs into an ambush set up for exactly this purpose. One HMMWV is destroyed, and another suppressed, return fire destroys a Somali emplaced recoilless rifle leaving one beleaguered stand of Militia isolated and afraid.

The Fighters surrounding the compound trade fire with Pakistani Forces slowing whittling them down while taking few casualties themselves, this firef ight extends into turn 4 with little else of consequence.

Turn 5 (the exciting turn). Somali reinforcements appear, a horde of technicals armed with DSHK HMG's and recoilless rifles.

The US Quick reaction force moves up to within sight of the compound, a Sheridan lagging behind in an overwatch position.

After finishing off the remaining Pakistani Forces, Militia fighters pour out of the buildings and into the street towards the trucks.

The US forces open up causing suppression and casualties in response.
The compound is overrun!
Turn 6, The remaining 5 trucks are manned by the militia and driven out of the compound.
The US open up on the trucks after some fantastic command roles (2 double ones in a row!), stopping two of them with a mix of fire from nearby Infantry and HMMWV's.

Turn 7, with the remaining trucks now on the road (command bonus!) they make good headway, in a desperate attempt to stop them the US Super Cobra strafes the last truck and immobilises it. (Points wise it is now 3-4 to the Somalis, they have to exit the last two trucks to win).
Meanwhile on the rest of the table a devastating turn for the remaining US forces as they are wiped out to a single stand of infantry.
Turn 8, in a last ditch the Huey Super Cobra tries to take out one of the remaining trucks fleeing the table, unsuccessful it turns its wrath on the technicals to devastating effect.

Double one! the Somali manned food aid trucks escape into the night securing then a victory!

Thoughts for this game:-
  • A possible reduction in the effectiveness of RPG's in the hand of militia stands.
  • Buildings should have a clearly defined limit to the number of stands of infantry they can contain.

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