Saturday 10 October 2009

Our second game in Somali is set for today, i've written the mission brief below, battle report to follow...

The Outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia. May 1993

Mission 2 - Arms Caches

Caches of both Heavy and Light Weapons have been reported in the area. As part of the goals of UNOSOM II, the US forces in the area are responsible for:-
  • Maintaining control of the heavy weapons of the organized factions to be brought under international control.
  • Seizing the small arms of all unauthorized armed elements.

Therefore to stop the current escalation of Violence, follow the gathered intelligence and render these arms unusable.


  • 1500 Points US Forces (No Planes or Arty, Helicopter & Mortar Support Only).
  • 800 Points Somali Militia (No IED’s, ambushes may be bought as normal)


  • US Forces roll on from their short Table Edge.
  • Somali Militia start deployed (Hidden) in the back two thirds of the table.
  • Before the start of the game the Somali player secretly designates 2 Buildings as locations for the arms caches, one in the middle third of the board and the other in the rear third.

Destruction of Arms Caches

  • A building is deemed to have been searched when an infantry stand enters it.
  • To destroy an arms cache an infantry stand must enter the building, and be ordered to destroy the cache, a successful command roll is a successful detonation. A blunder will mean the cache detonates prematurely, killing the infantry stand (normal blunder roll is disregarded in this instance). If engineers are destroying the cache they will never blunder in this way, instead resolve the blunder normally.


  • The US player achieves a major victory if he locates and destroys both arms caches.
  • The US player achieves a minor victory if the Somali Militia Breaks, or destroy a single arms cache.
  • The Somali Player achieves a major victory if the US forces break.
  • The Somali Player achieves a minor victory if he retains an arms cache at the end of the game.

Game Length

  • 12 Turns

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