Sunday 28 June 2009

1938 Game 3

We had another good game of 1938: A very British Civil War on Saturday, the Communist Sailors of Hull tried to recapture their Commisar from my BUF (though why excatly they were trying to do this after he shot the comunist hero Burt Brown in the last game is beyond me). This was our biggest game so far with 30-40 miniatures per side and the arrival of the communists T-26 Tank.

Full battle report will be linked as soon as Bad Dave has written it.

A Brave BUF Sentry runs to call reinforcements from the nearby telephone box.


Had an excellent game of Wahammer 40k last Saturday (yes it's taken me this long to put the pics up). My Eldar facing off against my good friend Lukes Imperial Guard. Lets just say I wasn't prepared for the horrors that awaited me in the new Imperial Guard codex (orders!) The excellent scenery was also made by Luke.

Friday 19 June 2009

Maureen the Transvestite Medic

Another couple of Militia painted; unfortunately the conversion of the British Soldier into a female medic has gone somewhat awry. The MG 34 gunner conversion is better though (gun was originally an MG42).

Models again are from Bolt Action.

Tuesday 16 June 2009

The ranks are swelled

Two new militia members, not sure what I'm gonna do with the armbands yet, my painting skill is not up to lightning bolts in that size!

Models are from Bolt Action

Sunday 14 June 2009

The Reverend and Pal

I was going to use these two to lead the Sons of Crowley, but now i'm not so sure. I'll probably incorporate them into the militia units that are next on the painting table.

Saturday 13 June 2009

Saturdays Game

Had a great game of British Civil War today, i'll post a link to Big Daves Battle report when it's up.

Although the BUF Lost the game they did capture a Russian Commisar!

Friday 12 June 2009

From my cold dead hands...

My Enfield rifles have arrived and conversion has begun on the cultists and characters. once the green stuff has hardened I will trim off the excess and prime the miniatures

I don't know there is just something about Charlton Heston in this pose.

Reverend Green becomes Reverend Resistance!

Thursday 11 June 2009

Coldwar Commander

A shot from the painting table..

From left to right, Israeli Mortar Teams an M51 Isherman, A Priest, Recoiless Rifle on 4x4 and on the very end a recoiless rifle on a Pickup Truck. The Israelis are for 1967 while the pickup will be used as part of my Somalian force for a 1993 Blackhawk Down game. All models are from Minifigs.

A more long term project..

In an attempt to save some cash I've elected to build a 28mm scale Church suitable for our 1938 game. I've built plently of scenery in the past most recently for our 10mm Coldwar Commander games, but nothing of this magnitude. It'll certainly be a challenge, the progess and outcome of which i'll document here.

The bulk of the materials arrived the other day which you can see below.

  • 2 Packs of Wills Crazy Paving for the paths
  • 1 pack Quoins/CornerStones for the corners of the building
  • Terrain Board Small Regular Ashlar, stone work for the walls
  • Pack of 10mm Polystyrol, for the actual construction
  • #803 S-Scale City Shingles, for the roof
  • Buckets and Barrels to give the piece some character
  • Reinforced Rustic Doors, for the back/side doors
  • 21mm x 15mm Stone Windows
  • 20mm x 8mm Stone Windows
  • Bag Leaf Litter
  • Big Dave also kindly donated some gravestones which will spruce up the outside.

The only thing i'm really missing at the moment is a main door for the church and possibly a wall for the exterior. All being well the plan is to start this at the weekend!


An addition to the BUF Forces a Vickers HMG, model is from from Artizan.

Friday 5 June 2009

Cultists! (Part II)

Finishing off the flamethrower wielding cultist...

Inking. A bit messy here, I only use a few inks red, green & brown. For anything else thinned down black acrylic.

Shading after inking...

Final shading and highlighting, this isn't a character model so i'm not going crazy here, there are plenty more cultists to paint!

Detailing and finishing the basing, i'm happy enough with this guy so will use the same scheme for the rest of the unit. Update to follow when my Enfield rifles arrive...
Paints Used:-
Robes - Foundry Bright Red 15
Tabard - Foundry Royal Purple 19
Head Covering - Foundry White/Grey 33
Flamethrower - Foundry Chainmail 35
Webbing - Foundry Black/Grey 34

Cultists! (Part I)

This is my second unit for 1938, a group of religious fanatics I will call the Sons of Crowley I'm still waiting for some Lee Enfield rifles with which to convert most of them, however a couple have appropriate weapons which will allow me to get straight onto painting them.

The cultists are from Artizan's Thrilling Tales Range

These two will need Lee Enfield conversions, before priming

A base coated flame thrower armed cultist

Some further base coating with the base finished for now. I like to paint the bases first as the dry brushing tend to be messy and avoids repainting later. Once the model is finshed the base will be completed with flock etc. Coming Soon Part II with highlighting and shading...


A couple of sample pics from a recent game of 1938: A very British Civil War, the blue Guys are the BUF (British Union of Facists) painted by me (I always seem to get the bad guys).

You can read a full Battle report here posted by Big Dave my regular opponent :-

Signing In

This will be an attempt to show off some painting and wagames, as well as modelling projects. Hopefully with regular updates and step by step guides.