Friday 5 June 2009

Cultists! (Part II)

Finishing off the flamethrower wielding cultist...

Inking. A bit messy here, I only use a few inks red, green & brown. For anything else thinned down black acrylic.

Shading after inking...

Final shading and highlighting, this isn't a character model so i'm not going crazy here, there are plenty more cultists to paint!

Detailing and finishing the basing, i'm happy enough with this guy so will use the same scheme for the rest of the unit. Update to follow when my Enfield rifles arrive...
Paints Used:-
Robes - Foundry Bright Red 15
Tabard - Foundry Royal Purple 19
Head Covering - Foundry White/Grey 33
Flamethrower - Foundry Chainmail 35
Webbing - Foundry Black/Grey 34

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