Thursday, 11 June 2009

A more long term project..

In an attempt to save some cash I've elected to build a 28mm scale Church suitable for our 1938 game. I've built plently of scenery in the past most recently for our 10mm Coldwar Commander games, but nothing of this magnitude. It'll certainly be a challenge, the progess and outcome of which i'll document here.

The bulk of the materials arrived the other day which you can see below.

  • 2 Packs of Wills Crazy Paving for the paths
  • 1 pack Quoins/CornerStones for the corners of the building
  • Terrain Board Small Regular Ashlar, stone work for the walls
  • Pack of 10mm Polystyrol, for the actual construction
  • #803 S-Scale City Shingles, for the roof
  • Buckets and Barrels to give the piece some character
  • Reinforced Rustic Doors, for the back/side doors
  • 21mm x 15mm Stone Windows
  • 20mm x 8mm Stone Windows
  • Bag Leaf Litter
  • Big Dave also kindly donated some gravestones which will spruce up the outside.

The only thing i'm really missing at the moment is a main door for the church and possibly a wall for the exterior. All being well the plan is to start this at the weekend!

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